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Myanmar Visa Extension

visa extension

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Multiple Entry visa and Visa Extension

Business / Social visa extension. Registered since 2003 and has already processed over 45000 visa. The followings are the company we have successfully served for visa extension.

  • Ilsung Construction Myanmar Co., Ltd.
  • Scipio Services Company Limited
  • Hitachi Elevator (Myanmar) Co, Ltd.
  • Ring Tech International Ltd.
  • Chan Thar City Investment & Development Co, Ltd.
  • Irrawaddy, Green Tower (IGT)
  • Camel International Co. Ltd.
  • Telephone Tower Companies

The followings are the nationalities, we have successfully served for visa extension.

  • UK
  • Irish
  • Australian
  • American
  • Indian
  • Korean
  • Chinese
  • Japan
  • Bangladeshi
  • French
  • Polish
  • Romania
  • Singapore
  • Malaysian
  • Liberian
  • Pakistani

So if you want to extend your visa, kindly contact us to this mobile phone and address.

Phone -951-381200, 959-8623435, 775204020
Address : No. 165, 35th Street (Middle block), Kyauktada Tsp, Yangon.

Detail information of various kinds of entry visa
Foreigners allowed to enter Myanmar with the following visa.

Sr. type of visa duration of stay
(a) Tourist Visa 28 days
(b) Business Visa 70 days
(c) Entry Visa (Entry Visa) 28 days
Entry Visa (Social Visa) 28 days
Entry Visa (Meditation) Prescribed periods
(d) Transit Visa 24 hours
(e) Diplomatic Visa Prescribed periods
(f) Multiple Journey Entry Visa 70 days
(g) On Arrival Visa (Entry Visa) 28 days
On Arrival Visa (Business Visa) 70 days
On Arrival Visa (Transit Visa) 24 hours
Get Visa Extension Online

People who obtained 70 days business visa on arrival can apply one of the visa extensions stated below
1. Stay Visa
2. Multi Entry Visa
3. Single Entry Visa
You can now apply for 3 months, 6 months, 12 months according to your necessary length of stay.

What is Single Journey Re-entry Visa?
Single Journey Re-entry Visa (SRV) must be used only for single re-entry during 6 months (or) not more than 6 months stay permit.

What is Multiple Journey Special Re-entry Visa?
Multiple Journey Special Re-entry Visa (MJSRV) must be used for many times during one year (or) not more than one year stay period.

What is Stay Visa?
Stay Visa is for staying in Myanmar and it expires after departing Myanmar before valid date.

What extension services are available at
Business Visa extension, Stay Visa extension, Journey Special Re-entry Visa extension, Single Journey Re-entry Visa extension services are available at
Those who are going to extend Social Visa, they must enter Myanmar with Social Visa.

What is Social Visa?
Social Visa is for those come to meet with the relatives in Myanmar.

Can social visa be extended?
Yes, it can be extended for 3 months.

What are the requirements for social Visa?
1. Recommendation of Regional Immigration office
2. Recommendation of Township office
3. NRC copy of the house owner
4. 10 photos of the applicant
5. Passport (Original and copy)
6. Social Visa Fees (US $ 95 with your Documents)
7. Invitation letter from relative in census.
8. marriage cerifaciate.

For Business Visa Extension
- CV and Company recommendation letter
- Company registration license copy (Form-1, Form-6, Form-26) copy
- Employee list
- Company profile and licence
- Agreement letter between employee and company copy
  (This document is not needed for applications of Managing Director)
- Passport copy, visa page copy, entry and exit stamp copy, Passport size 12 photos
  (After being processed, we need to stamp and we need the original passport)
- We take 2 weeks or 3 weeks for processing

The price are as follow ;
3 months (USD)
Stay Visa 150
Multiple entry 150 + 180
Single entry 150 + 54

                                                                      Get Visa Extension Online

eVisa or Tourist Visa Online cannot be extended anywhere but Over Stay is allowed and charged only 3$ per day payable at the exit at the airport. There will be no enduring record for such Over Stay.

Note : This (MJSRV) Multiple Entry 3 Month Visa extension is only for those who came in with a Business Visa stamp on their passport at least once.

If you have any enquiry Please email with attention to "MJSRV" or call 09-8623435 , 01 - 381200.

Social Visa Extension can also be done.

Please use our Facebook which is monitored 24/7


Email ,

Tel : +95 9 8623435

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